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Temporalmandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) Treatment

TMJD presents itself in various forms: TMJ pain, locking of the jaw (trismus), headaches, change in function, etc. The lower jaw (mandible) is a bone that includes two joints (TMJ), and since muscles attach to bone, dysfunction in any of the several muscles of mastication can elicit symptoms. There are many factors that lead to TMJD: clenching, grinding, physical trauma, stress, posture, and dental work being some examples. 

A typical TMJD treatment focuses on the muscles of the jaw as well as those of the head and neck, as they often have tightness which contributes to the overall dysfunction and symptoms present. Intra-oral work is often indicated as part of the treatment to restore TMJ function and decrease pain.

Barb received her Continued Education training on treating TMJD from ConEd Institute. 


Treatment rates

45 minutes $85

60 minutes $100

75 minutes $125*

90 minutes $150*

All rates are subject to HST

*By request. Contact to book.

Contact & Location Details

Tel: 343-333-7222   


247 Kingscourt Ave, Kingston, ON K7K 4P7

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