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Frequently Asked Questions

I've booked my initial appointment, now what?

You'll get a couple of emails after booking your appointment; a confirmation email and a link to complete the Intake Form (includes your Health History). Please fill this out prior to your appointment. This information helps me in the development of a suitable treatment plan specific to your needs. You'll also get a reminder email two days before your appointment and the Covid screening survey. Please complete the survey no later than the day before your appointment. Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment.

What happens at my first massage?

I'll review your health history with you as well as your goals for massage therapy. An initial physical assessment (postural, range of motion, etc.) is taken to create a baseline. You're free to ask any questions or voice any concerns at any point in time. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. We'll come to an agreement on the areas to be treated and any special considerations. On completion of your first massage, I'll discuss a treatment plan, follow-up appointments and remedial exercises and/or self-care.

Can I claim massage therapy on my insurance?

Yes, as long as your extended health care plan covers massage therapy. Some insurance companies require a prescription from your physician. Please check with your insurance company for details. I can submit to many insurance companies for direct payment so you don't have to. 

Do you provide direct billing to my health insurance provider?

Yes I do! I direct bill to approximately twenty insurance providers. Just bring your health insurance card to your appointment. I'll check to see if your provider is included. You’ll just need to sign an authorization form, then a quick submit online and it adjudicates your claim on the spot! 

What payment methods do you use?

Any and all forms of payments: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac Debit, e-Transfer, cash and direct billing to many Insurance companies. An insurance receipt is emailed to you at the end of each treatment.​ 

Do you sell gift certificates?

At this time, I don't sell Gift Certificates as I'm not taking new clients. 

What's your cancellation policy?

The treatment and/or services you select are reserved especially for you. I require 24-hours notice of appointment cancellation. Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice will be charged 50% of the full fee. Appointments that are cancelled without any notification, or by simply not showing up for your appointment, will result in the cancellation fee of the full amount of your appointment being charged to your account. Late arrivals will lose the time you have missed and your appointment will end as scheduled. Note: during the Covid pandemic, if you are not feeling well on the day of your appointment, please notify me as soon as possible via text at 343 333-7222. The late cancellation fee will be waived.

Do you provide pregnancy massage?

Absolutely! I provide both pre and postnatal massage. I also have a “pre-natal” pillow so that you can comfortably lie on your stomach. If that isn’t comfortable, then I'll treat you in side-lying position.

Do you treat children?

I have treated children ages 5-17. Parents/guardians can accompany their child in the treatment room. I don't treat babies or toddlers. I can refer you to a colleague.

Is there parking?

Yes! Please park in the driveway. You’ll know you’re at the right house by the lawn sign.

Is your space accessible?

Unfortunately it isn’t. The clinic is down a flight of stairs.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Your comfort is my priority. You undress (or not) to your comfort level. I provide clean sheets and a blanket for every appointment to make sure you're covered and warm. I only uncover the area I’m treating. I make sure you always feel safe and secure.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes! I ask that you wear the supplied medical mask when you're in the clinic space (unless you have an N95). You'll find a new mask in an envelope on the entrance door. Even when masking is no longer mandated, I'll continue to require you to wear a mask during your appointment.

Is massage painful?

Massage doesn't need to be painful to be effective. If you experience any pain or discomfort during your massage, please tell me. You’ll find that I check in with you by asking “How’s the pressure?”. Please don't suffer in silence if the pressure is too much. 

Do you do deep tissue?

I use firm pressure to be effective on the tension that the muscles present themselves with and within your comfort level. Every body is different. I ask my clients to let me know if my pressure ever goes beyond "good pain" into the "excruciating pain". I watch for any reactions to make sure my pressure isn't too much. I don't want you leaving here with more pain/discomfort than when you arrived!

Should I tip?

I do not accept tips. If you're happy with your treatment, a referral to friends and family is the best tip there is!

I feel sick. Should I cancel?

Yes please cancel!! Now more than ever cancel if you are not feeling well even if you've tested negative with a Covid rapid test. This will help to keep us all healthy! Please note that I don't charge a cancellation fee at this time for same day cancellations due to illness. Please let me know via text as soon as possible as I usually have a waiting list of clients that will take your spot.

I’m early for my appointment, now what?

Please arrive five minutes before your appointment. If you're more than 5-7 minutes early, please wait outside as I may still be getting the room ready for your appointment.

What kind of massage oil do you use?

I use Premium Nature Fractionated Coconut Oil Massage Oil, Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel which works great on my clients with more body hair, and Myo-ther Signature Massage Lotion for those who don't like oil and for foot massage. I have a selection of essential oils as well (at no additional charge).

I’m self conscious about [insert insecurity here].

Don't stress it! You're coming to a judgement free space. 

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