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Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women often feel pain in their lower back, legs or hips and may suffer from swelling. There is evidence that massage can help pregnant women with mental health, low-back pain and labour pain. As with any therapeutic practice, it’s best to consult your doctor or midwife before booking a massage treatment in order to discuss any precautions or concerns specific to your pregnancy.  Additionally, Barb has had advanced training in prenatal massage with Trimesters Massage Therapy Education.

prenatal massage is much like a regular massage, but the therapist will be careful to avoid putting pressure on certain areas and will use unique positions to keep you comfortable and safe. 


During your prenatal treatment

  • Listen to your body and let the therapist know if you’re uncomfortable. Now is the time to express yourself, develop trust with your therapist and make sure you enjoy this experience. 

  • If you aren’t comfortable for any reason, just ask to switch positions or alter the treatment. Also, bathroom breaks are important so let the therapist know you need a moment.

  • Stay hydrated before and after your treatment.


Barb received additional training through Trimesters Massage Therapy Education.

Treatment rates

45 minutes $85

60 minutes $100

75 minutes $125*

90 minutes $150*

All rates are subject to HST

*By request. Contact to book.

Contact & Location Details

Tel: 343-333-7222   


247 Kingscourt Ave, Kingston, ON K7K 4P7

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